Emily Tepper 

I can't remember how I first heard about Emily Tepper, I wound up going for an initial consultation - Emily explained her well researched blend of pilates, craniosacral therapy and ritual design. I immediately felt very comfortable talking with her, the words just flowed and she was incredibly receptive and inspirational with her responses. Before Anima Rising was ever a thing, Emily was the first person in my life that got me thinking specifically about feminine energy. When I told her I wanted  to feel like I was good at doing something - creating something, making something, she gently reminded me to examine the difference between masculine and feminine energy, emphasizing that in our culture we are made to feel that we're not doing anything if a clear end-product isn't easily visible, a la "look, i am a good potter, i made this pot." But in reality, in this reality that Emily was encouraging me to embrace, we can pay attention to the magic that is happening, that we are making, at all times, by being just the way we naturally are. Emily explained what a skill receptivity is - being able to receive, in addition to sensitivity, intuition, and other "feminine" traits. Emily advocates mindfulness, awareness, and lots and lots of love, especially self-love. Emily is an amazing listener, a thoughtful answerer, and an incredible healer, helping to peel back the layers and reveal the powerful possibility of  what already dwells within all of us.  

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Emily! You are one of the first people that ever got me thinking about feminine energy – can you explain what feminine energy means to you?

Feminine energy is a vacuum or pull energy associated with attraction. It is the womb space. Feminine energy can also be understood like a satellite dish - that collects and focuses signals and electric charge.

How do you use feminine energy in your work & art?

I use feminine energy to hold space for the brilliance of others. I also teach an arsenal of feminine methods and power practices to help women get what they want without having to abandon themselves or narrowly define themselves.

Can you talk about Rituals? Why you’re interested in them and how you see them working. 

Rituals are a way of life and an art of living. I'm interested in how they activate our soul's journey, our intentions, and each new aspect of our most desired future into our present moments.

 Can you explain the type of work that you do, and how you got interested in it and/or realized you were made for it?

Ritual & Experience Design is something I have always done my whole life! Well before I could explain it, I would use the non verbal, essential part of my being - that has always been hard to put words to ( we all have this part -  words can be very abstract ways to communicate. ) I would use my senses & my sensual energy like an artist uses their paint and paint brush - to create love, fun, value and meaning both for myself and for others.  

 What is the hardest part of your job? 

Getting people to allow themselves to understand and believe in how magic they are, and how possible it is to live this way.

 What do you consider as essential for wellbeing? 

Literally, all I do now is live in ritual, it's my entire system for well being - whether that means I'm eating kale or a piece of candy or making love has become all one dance of self love and soul activation.

 How do you balance being an energetically sensitive person with living and working in NYC? 

That's a great question... I don't go out unless I want to  - I'm good at saying "no" to anything that feels "off" for ANY reason. That said, I am stretching myself more and more to relax into the idea that this world, including this wonderful city, is a beautiful place I can trust, and that I don't need total control or isolation. That's what co-creation is. It gives me the inspiration to have as much fun as possible, hydrate, and rest... take the pressure off and take things less seriously.

With the overwhelming way things sometimes feel on this planet right now, are you optimistic about the future? 

Yes I am. The future is always in flux, and the future that manifests is the future that is called in, so we want to wake up and allow all of our actions to eminate love, especially self love. That's how we make space for things to improve. The work is internal.

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What are 3 easy first steps you would offer to someone who wants to start healing, awaken their feminine energy, get out of their own way, etc? 

Breathe, breathe in longer then you breathe out, practice actively receiving from those who love you and want to love you. Practice being nice to yourself and noticing what goes well, practice deep gratitude letters and start to let yourself desire.

What role does intuition play in your life? 

Intuition is literally the only way I live or make any decision. My body is in the driver's seat, and my brain is only a processing unit that takes directions from my heart.

Who are some of your role models or inspirations? 

Hmm - none by name come to mind right now because they are all the women around me both with quiet lives and public lives - women are a chandelier of awesomeness and the light bounces off all the facets of us. 

What is one of your intentions for 2015? 

To have fun and remember to keep it a little silly. fun is everything, and to own my fullest sensual energy at all times because its as important as oxygen.


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