US c. 2009

US c. 2009

Jessica Eve is the most inspirational person I’ve ever met. Some part of me recognized that from the first moment we met in the Spring of 2008 in New York City, while we were both interning at NYLON magazine. With no convincing required, I followed her back to England when she left, and she has positively influenced my life in one way or another every single day since. 

Jess is a talented writer, musician, and painter, born and raised in the faraway magical fields and farmland of the Welsh-English border. She’s a songbird, and a poet, and a smashing dancer. 

In addition to being an incredible artist, she’s the best friend a gal could ask for – incredibly thoughtful, caring, and wild, with a huge, powerful heart.

Jess and I have known each other for 7 years now. We’ve travelled abroad, and all over our own countries. We’ve twirled our way through old stone barns, yurts, cheap motels, falling-down horse ranches, small city apartments and big old barley fields, and she hasn't ceased to amaze me yet. She is strong, brave, and moves relentlessly forward, as we all must, and she does it with grace and style.

We created Anima Rising together to explore and create art around the things that interest and inspire us most – right now that means alternative, sustainable, and communal ways of living. 

I couldn’t ask for a better creative partner. Working together has been a dream project filled with music and laughter, incredible kindness and growth. 

It is a project filled with sincere and huge gratitude for one another, for the opportunities that come our way, all the incredible people we get to meet and work with, and the inspirational ideas and knowledge we are lucky enough to get to fill our heads and days with!

 - Harps 


Harper Cowan is a spirit-raising Californian, living in New York. Always natural, aways truthful. She is the catalyst behind the Anima Rising  project – her positive energy manifesting this
deeply inspiring journey we are on today. 

She has so much love and passion for the world. She encourages others to create, and to live in the way that is true to them. This generosity lights her up, and breaks open a world inside her, that feels more pure than most else I encounter. She needs to sing, shine, document, and partake in life constantly. She creates because she loves. 

Harper’s brain is inquisitive and analytical. She tunes into the
hyper-sensitive Virgo details of life, and picks up on gems I often
steamroller over. 

Co-founding Anima Rising has been a dream – it encapsulates our ideals, and I have watched a light begin to glow through everything she does. Because she is not nostalgic in art, she pushes the project over boundaries of playing-it-safe.

We sit for hours in sprawling goddess chats, often in the front
seat of her car with the engine turned off. 

She reminds me that NOW is all we have. 

Her discipline inspires me  to work hard at the things I truly love. 
Harps is the most vocal supporter of what I create and do, and
sometimes her invaluable generosity makes me want to cry. 

In return, I will always be interested in what she does, 
always keen to be involved in her creative world. 
Our aesthetic and interests are so similar, and
working together is a real dream come true.

- Jesse